Vinyl Tiles


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Vinyl Tiles


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    Laflor Living Vinyl Tiles have high durability with a good thickness & wear layer. Nano Silver coated on our vinyl tiles inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection, odour, itchiness and sores, UV Coating helps to protect against prolong exposure to sun rays. What we provide are beautiful & durable tiles with good health benefits, giving you a cleaner & fresher environment. Laflor Living vinyl tiles are high resistance floorcoverings that provide a natural wood & other finishing to your living space. Our range includes: Wood Noble Carpet Marble Marblion Mosaic Stone Ceramic Pastel Essence Wood Our vinyl tiles provide good slip resistance and 99.9% bacteria free, beneficial for your family. It is an ideal floor for homes, hospitals, commercial offices, child care centres, elderly homes, retail shops and other indoor areas. Fast to install, overlay is possible Aesthetically beautiful Acoustically friendly Easy cleaning by sweep, vacuum or mop Very durable & resilient to heat 100% Termite Proof 100% Water Proof for spills and stains Slip resistant Experience the feel & look of wood in your living space while preserving the nature.