Vinyl Sheet


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Vinyl Sheet


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    LAFLOR LIVING vinyl sheet in roll form comes in several designs, thickness and colours are suitable for either temporary protection or long-term flooring. It is an ideal floor for homes, hotels, commercial offices, retail shops, construction sites, childcare centres, hospitals, exhibition halls, events areas and other indoor areas. It can be installed over new and existing flooring such as ceramic tiles, concrete and or other structurally sound subfloor. Range I Caravan : Thickness 0.5mm - 0.7mm Laflor Living Caravan is good for protection and temporary floor use. It's functional & low cost flooring. Range II Coin Mat : Thickness 1.2mm Laflor Living Coin Mat has deep embossing making which gives it a non-slip surface which provides safety. It has a thick surface material providing high wear resistance & durability. Range III Bestrong : Thickness 1.6mm Laflor Living Bestrong is produced with special UV coating (PUR) which has excellent stain resistance. It has excellent abrasion resistance & 99.9% anti-bacteria properties. Range IV Sapphire : Thickness 2.3mm Laflor Living Sapphire is produced with special thick wear layer application process which has high durability & long Service life. It has high strength & hardness properties against continuous pressing and scraping. Our Sapphire has advance special coating ensuring high level of anti-contamination quality. It has a delicate & realistic wood emboss surface presenting a very natural feel & comfort to your room.