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SmartCote 50


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    S3 SmartCote 50 External is a polymer-modified Grey cement-based skim coat specially designed to be used on exterior surfaces. The polymer provide excellent workability and improve bonding strength. SmartCote 50 External is approved by Housing Development Board and Eco-labelling authority in Singapore. SmartCote 50 External is suitable for all types of concrete substrates, including lightweight concrete panel, autoclaved aerated blocks, block wall and plastered surfaces but not to be applied on painted surfaces. APPLICATIONS Apply SmartCote 50 External with a Steel trowel It is recommended to apply SmartCote 50 external in single layer (about 2mm thick). However, if the surfaces require more than 1 layer of application or to build up thickness, the underneath layer must be dry before applying the subsequent layers. BENEFITS Consistent in product quality Convenient and easy to use Good workability and performance