Rickard Vav Electronic/Thermal Diffuser


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Rickard Vav Electronic/Thermal Diffuser


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    The 360° thermo-disc diffuser is lightweight, easy to install and ideal as a retrofit solution. They aim to provide comfort in buildings that are mostly well ventilated but experience specific areas that are either too hot or too cold and caused a reduction in comfort. The Rickard Variable Volume Thermo-Disc Ceiling Diffuser is a thermally powered VAV diffuser which contains a built-in temperature sensing & volume control mechanism. Applications Designed for general building zones Optimum performance in terms of uniform air distribution and low noise levels Flexible installation from 1 single diffuser in a standalone situation to thousands of diffusers all networked together, controlled and monitored via a BMS. Typically installed in a matrix on high rise buildings zoned as tenant's change, without the need to change any ductworks.