MIKE Pendant Stations For Auxiliary Control with 4 to 15 Push Buttons


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MIKE Pendant Stations For Auxiliary Control with 4 to 15 Push Buttons

Pendant station for auxiliary control of modern ergonomic shape, easy to handle, user friendly and sturdy. Mike is the result of careful analysis of ergonomic aspects and it is rich in high-performing features to suit the most demanding requirements.

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Reduced installation and wiring time and costs: the cable inlet and the switches fitted in the base of the control station are separated from the actuators, installed on the cover. Rubber pushbuttons with symbol disks to ensure protection against dust and prevent jamming when the control station is used in harsh environments. The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with standard ISO 13850. Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions. Mechanical life of pushbuttons and switches: 10 million operations. IP protection degree: Mike is classified IP66, IP67 and IP69K. IK protection degree: Mike is classified IK08.NEMA protection degree: Mike is classified Type 1, 4 and 4X. Extreme temperature resistance: -40°C to +80°C. Available in configuration from 4 to 15 actuators. Available with specific protection for actuators mounted on the bottom of the control station. 1NO or 1NC switches, LEDs voltage 24/48 Vac/dc or 110/230 Vac, and potentiometers. Mechanical interlock to prevent simultaneous operation of opposite functions. Wide range of actuators in different colours: one or two speed pushbuttons, selector switches and key-selector switches in various operation configurations, pilot lights, impulse or latched mushroom pushbuttons with rotation or key-operated release.