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Dluces Infinla


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    Infinla is a high powered compact fluorescent lamp created to replace conventional outdoor lights like the sodium and mercury lamps that are widely use in commercial and industrial areas. It uses amalgam technology which is an alloy of mercury combined with other metals. Unlike other CFL that contain liquid mercury, it does not pose any health hazard even when the lamp is broken because under room temperature, the mercury is in a stable solid form. Thus it is a more eco-friendly and safer compare to liquid mercury. Applications Gardens, parks, Service roads, low height loading bay and other low height outdoor lanterns. Features and Advantages Energy Savings of more than 50% if it is use to replace conventional mercury lamp. Power factor of more than 0.9 makes it even more energy efficient. Good Color rendering of Ra>80 give the environment a clearer natural feel. Lower mercury content compare to other energy savings lamps. Superior lifespan of 15,000 hours compare to other energy savings lamps of 8,000 hours. High lumen maintenance compare to other energy savings lamps