10A/30A Slip ring collector


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10A/30A Slip ring collector

Slip ring collector consisting of rings coupled with brushes, designed to allow current to pass from a ixed to a rotating part and used to supply crane motors and cable winders.

This combination does not exist.

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Suitable for transmitting current with 50/60 Hz frequency. The enclosure has small downward holes for air circulation and to prevent problems due to moisture. The lower support plate is provided with three holes to drain any moisture that may form inside the unit. The enclosure is made of shock-resistant thermoplastic
material to prevent contact with live electrical parts. IP protection degree: collector 10A/30A is classiied IP22. Extreme temperature resistance: -25°C to +70°C.Up to 40 rings coupled with brushes. Available with 30A line rings only or with 30A line rings and
10A auxiliary rings. Fitted with phosphor bronze or graphite brushes

Part Number PF2304B001 or PF2308B003 or PF2308B004 or PF2308K004 or PF2309B001